Hillary’s Campaign Reset! Huge Enthusiastic Crowds Cheering Her On!

Or not. Yesterday Hillary “reset” her campaign. She apparently needed a reset because the original campaign announcement fell flat on it’s Botox enabled face.


Anyway, the reset announcement was, well, we’ll let you be the judge.

She made the announcement at a venue on Long Island formerly called Welfare Island, an appropriate choice for her campaign themes, and a place with one small road in and out. Attendance at the city park was limited to a few hundred people and virtually no press.

Just so everyone knows that Hillary stands for middle-class American families, the campaign forced the cancellation of a child’s long scheduled birthday party at the park.

Because there wasn’t room for thousands or tens of thousands, the campaign set up alternate viewing locations. Here’s one in New York, just twenty minutes before her announcement. The campaign roped off a huge area and put up a 16 foot jumbotron.

Clinton Jumbotron

Can you feel the enthusiasm?

Well, that enthusiasm for “America’s Grandmother” stretched all the way to Iowa where they held “HillaryHouseParties.”

And finally, there’s this gem. Hillary tied Republicans to “yesterday” to say that she’s just so “tomorrow.” Republicans have never been good at responding to Democrats attacks. If this – and Carly Fiorina’s ads – are any indication, Democrats may be in for a tough time this time around. Marco Rubio’s campaign had this up on YouTube just minutes after “America’s Grandmother” finished her attack.

We’re not endorsing Marco, but we’re certainly endorsing his response.

Hillary’s in trouble. Heh.


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