Ball bearings and why we shouldn’t be one

Leila Miller paints a vivid picture of what makes up a too large segment of society:

If you are bewildered or even frightened about the lightning speed at which the western world seems to be accepting the most nonsensical, sinful beliefs and throwing off any and all notions of traditional, Judeo-Christian, natural law values, take a deep breath. It’s not as surprising or alarming as it seems, BallBearingsif you consider the predictable movement of the Ball Bearings in every culture.

What or who are the Ball Bearings? 

They are the citizens who will — with little or no resistance — go along with the trend, the fad, the popular opinion, or the peer pressure of the day. The Ball Bearings consist of most of your neighbors, your co-workers, some of your friends, and yes, members of your own family. And you yourself may be, as I once was, a Ball Bearing.

As soon as an opinion or a cultural trend becomes the “right” or “acceptable” one (regardless of its veracity or its connection to anything that came before), and especially as soon as there is a real price to pay (socially or legally) for not accepting or embracing it, the Ball Bearings begin to roll.

I imagine a flat plane, maybe like a massive metal tray, with the free-rolling Ball Bearings headed this way or that, depending on how the tray is tipped at the moment. So, for example, when gay “marriage” was unthinkable in this society, the Ball Bearings were huddled snugly and comfortably on the side of authentic, heterosexual marriage. Believing that man + woman = marriage was clearly “approved thought” — heck, it was axiomatic — and there was no price to pay, socially or otherwise, for holding that universal belief.

But watch the tray as public opinion changes. First slowly, and then more quickly, the tray begins to tip towards acceptance of gay “marriage”. Sure enough, the Ball Bearings start rolling down until they’ve landed on the other side and are now wedged firmly in the camp that they had previously, and quite recently, disavowed.

There’s more, check it out.

I think she’s nailed too many of us.

Lord, let me not be a ball bearing.

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