Transgender is OUT! TransRACIAL is IN!! And Barack Obama is Running for President in 2016

Transgender has been the big deal in the culture wars, we wrote about it here. It’s a huge deal on college campuses and even the US military – well, Barack Obama’s version of the US military – is dealing with it. Transgender was THE NEW BLACK. And it’s had it’s 15 minutes of fame, move over and welcome transRACIAL.

That would be someone who is trapped in a white (usually, since whites ARE the slave holders) body but who “identifies” as African-American. Transracial is so in, it turns out that the head of the Spokane, WA NAACP is transracial. And they’re excited about it.


If you’re behind the curve on this one, Rachel Dolezal is the president of at Spokane NAACP. She’s appeared on TV “news” decrying racism and talking about nine incidents of racist threats against her. Her parents, pictured at the right, noted that she isn’t “African-American,” she’s a “pasty-white-American.”

Here’s Rachel’s pictures when she was younger and a tad more in control of her emotions and her mental health.


And, here’s Rachel today. In this clip she’s being asked if “this man is her father,” the picture she’s shown is an African-American man. She doesn’t handle the question well.

Nice spray tan there Rachel.

You’d probably never guess it, but Rachel teaches college, in the “Africana Department” or something like that. Her bio says she’s also an artist, but you could have guessed that from the fine paint job she did with that spray tan.

Oh, well, it’s time to get to the point of this post.

Barack Obama is not going to be held in slavery to the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution he has never read. No siree. He’s seen the mess in the Democratic Party that finding a successor to his accomplished Presidency has created and he has the solution.

Barack will be announcing – on the 4th of July – that he’s actually not a black male. He’s feeling like he’s a Hispanic female. Based on his becoming a “new person” the 22nd Amendment does not apply to him and he’s eligible to run in 2016.

You think we’re kidding …


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