Hillary 2016 Campaign Reset & Restart – Ready For Some Excitement!!!!

Here comes Hillary! Are You Ready For Hillary!! Excitement is in the air. Hillary 2016 is doing a campaign reset. Her initial kick back in whenever it was was a tad under-whelming. She went on a “listening tour” that featured a Scooby Van …

… and sitting around with Democratic staffers who’d been hand picked to ask Madame Hillary questions. And avoiding real questions from the press.

That’s all going to be made right today. It’s the OFFICIAL campaign kick off and the excitement is buzzing all over New York where she’s to make the OFFICIAL announcement from a park in the formerly named Welfare Island .

The OFFICIAL site is very difficult to get to and it’s a small venue, so the campaign set up an overflow are where Hillary supporters could watch her OFFICIAL announcement on a 16 foot jumbotron screen. The excitement in the crowd will give you an indication of just how Ready For Hillary!! the nation is…


20 minutes before Hillary’s OFFICIAL speech.

Ready For Hillary!! We’re just not quite sure what we’re ready for Hillary for.


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