Five Bad Guys With Guns Meet one Good Gal with a Gun

Five Detroit thugs broke into a home with guns. What they didn’t know was their “victim” was armed too. Good gal with a gun wins.

Let’s put this in perspective with a short clip of Shannon Watts, the insufferably smug founder of “Moms Demand Action on Gun Control,” a group that, rhetoric aside, wants guns confiscated. Here she is on CNN talking about Wayne LaPierre’s statement, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.”

Shannon, you’re not only insufferably smug, you’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

Back to Detroit.

You did good work Ms. Dee. We’re proud of you. You get the Good Gal with a Gun award for the week. And Shannon, you get the Idiot of the Week. Again.

Oh, and thanks to the Detroit police chief for his understanding of self-defense and the cops ability to respond when you need them most.


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