Another Bundy in the Making? BLM Stands Down When Rancher Stands Up to Obama

We’ve seen regulatory agencies destroy industries. The EPA, at the behest of President Obama, is working diligently to destroy the coal industry so Obama can keep his campaign promise to see electricity prices “skyrocket.” Unfortunately, no one stood up to the Obama EPA to save the coal industry. Next up? Ranching, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has western ranchers in their sights.


Last year Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy stood up to the BLM when they tried to stop him from grazing his cattle on land that he’s leased from the federal government for decades. Rather surprisingly, the BLM backed down. Of course, they didn’t just have a 68 year old rancher to face off with.


The BLM had to face off with US citizens who decided they’d had enough of government meddling in their lives. The BLM showed up with SWAT teams and Americans showed up on foot and on horseback. They also showed up armed with hand guns, rifles, and some of the Bundy supporters were former military snipers.

The BLM backed down and hasn’t been back.

In a tense confrontation that generated international headlines, the 68-year-old Mr. Bundy won that round last spring: Bureau of Land Management officials agreed to leave the property and release his impounded cattle after hundreds of armed supporters descended on the Southern Nevada ranch in April. He says he hasn’t seen any sign of federal agents since.
“Since the standoff, we haven’t seen one BLM vehicle on any of these country roads around this ranch. We haven’t seen one BLM ranger. We haven’t seen one [National] Park Service ranger. We haven’t really seen any undercover-type people,”

The BLM may not be going after Bundy, but they haven’t stopped hunting. They recently tried to kick another Nevada rancher off their BLM leased land, Dan Filippini .

At this point, the BLM has backed off from Filippini as well. A BLM spokesman said, “We’re not going to come out there and have a big confrontation.”

If not for brave Americans willing to stand up for their first and second amendment rights, we’re pretty sure the BLM would be running farmers off their land all over the West. We may be looking at a pause, but don’t for a minute think that the BLM – and a myriad of other federal agencies, are done trying to expand their power.


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