McKinney Cop Meets the Black Lives Matter Bus

Racism in McKinney, TX! It must be rampant. The police officer who responded to a neighborhood pool party that was crashed by kids from outside the neighborhood just found himself under the Black Lives Matter bus. Here’s the McKinney police chief.

So what does officer Casebolt have to say ?

Saying he feared for his safety, Corporal Eric Casebolt gave a statement to investigators and left town after being placed on administrative leave, when cell phone video of him violently restraining a 14-year-old girl, and drawing his weapon on unarmed teens at a pool party went viral.
Casebolt reportedly submitted his resignation through his attorney.

He saw the bus coming.

As for the internal investigation it has been closed since he is no longer an employee
Since Casebolt is stepping down it will be difficult for the City of McKinney to discipline him. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) will only enter “marks” in Casebolt’s file if he is disciplined or fired from a department, meaning he can still work as a commissioned police officer.

We seriously doubt that Casebolt will ever work as a cop again, and while the McKinney may not be able to disciplined, you can bet your last nickel that the Black Lives Matter crowd isn’t going to drop it.

Several people have filed complaints against Casebolt that could possibly result in criminal charges. That would also impact his TCOLE status if the department or District Attorney decides to charge him.

Again, we don’t know what should happen with Casebolt, but here’s another look at the events that cost his career.

Benet Embry is feeling the full force of Black Lives Matter, he’s receiving death threats and his radio station is demanding that he be fired.

Black Lives Matter. And they matter a whole lot to race hustlers.


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