You May Not Be At War With Islam, But …

From PJ TV

Not long ago, six men from a Muslim Somali community in Minneapolis were arrested for attempting to leave the country and join ISIS as terror fighters. The backgrounds of these men were notable, as each held the potential to excel at productive endeavors and create a life of abundance and happiness. These were men who chose, conscientiously, to reject freedom and prosperity in favor of death and destruction.

A filmmaker named Ami Horowitz visited the Ceder-Riverside community which these men called home to ask Muslims on the street whether they preferred to live under American law or Sharia law. He also asked for their views on the freedom of speech and insults against Mohammed.

The answers he received, documented in the video, demonstrate that the six men arrested for conspiring to join ISIS were not anomalies. Rather, they were predictable products of their culture, a culture which America has welcomed into its gates.

Keep in mind that Muslim apologists will tell you that Muslims just want to live side-by-side with us and enjoy the freedoms of America. We’re willing to say that’s a lie. A damned lie. You just heard the real motives of Muslims living beside us.

Impose Sharia Law. Muslims have been butchering or enslaving their neighbors for 1,400 years. It’s their culture, their way. They haven’t changed, without regard to what President Obama says.

You may not be at war with Islam, but you can bet Islam is at war with you.


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