OUTRAGE: Teachers Union Caught Using Tax Dollars to Fund Tax Hike Campaign

This is one of my preeminent examples of why there should never, ever be such a thing as a union for a government employee–ANY government employee. A teachers union in Colorado has been caught red handed using tax money to fund a campaign to urge lawmakers to raise taxes.

This is the single best reason to be rid of government employee unions. The fact is, they are entirely un-democratic and blatantly un-American.

The story comes to us form ColoradoPeakPolitics, but it is a tale that could just as easily come from New York, Illinois, or any other state bedeviled with grasping, anti-American public employee unions.

Here is now the website explains what the teachers union is doing in the Jeffco public school system in Jefferson County, CO.

Documents recently uncovered show that the teachers union and other school staff were using the Jeffco Schools communications department as a de facto campaign headquarters – and had been since at least 2003 (see last picture of memo).

With a contentious election coming up, the union desperately needs the communications department to help shape and promulgate its messaging as it did in 2012. The communications shop, for the first time in history, is filled with folks who haven’t sworn allegiance to the crumbling union. The union needs this asset back under its control.

Essentially what we see here is the greedy teachers union using school facilities–that are paid for by the taxpayers–to wage their campaign to force residents to pay higher tax rates.

This is exactly why a government employee union should be illegal. This union used tax money to wage a war against the taxpayers with the goal of forcing them to pay higher taxes “for the kids.”

Now, let’s reiterate that a teachers union has no interest whatsoever in teaching kids. Teachers unions are for one purpose and one purpose only, that is to steal as much money from the taxpayers as possible in order to give it to their union administrators first, their political campaign coffers second, and their membership (the teachers) last–if at all.

Notice who loses in this deal? Well, there are two losers, actually. First and foremost our kids lose because they don’t benefit at all from the higher taxes after all the cash is all eaten up by greedy union bosses. Secondly the taxpayers lose as they have their own money used against them to force them to pay more taxes.

Of course, it is always worth taking the time to note that government unions are a relatively new thing. In fact, the first one wasn’t allowed until 1958. Then a few started up here and there until they exploded in the 1970s. But previous to that a government union was illegal. In fact, the patron saint of Democrat/communists in the US is Franklin D. Roosevelt and in the 40s he actually said that the idea of a government employee union was “unthinkable and intolerable.”

Roosevelt knew that a government has no flexibility with its workforce if there are unions. He also knew this was true of the private sector. But since his goal was to hurt the private sector with his support of unions he didn’t care how much it hurt them. But notice how his opinion changed when it came to HIS bailiwick, though.

Anyway, the plain fact of the matter is that all government unions are bad. Period. They are un-democratic because their deals with politicians greedy for campaign donations completely cuts the voter out from having any say in the government’s work force, and they cause a constant rise in taxes often without taxpayers having much say in the matter.

Government unions should be made illegal like they once more properly were. The story above from Colorado is just another great example why.

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