Norway Deports Muslims, an AMAZING Thing Happens

Norway recently rounded up 824 Muslims who had ties with radical groups. They deported them. An amazing thing happened that has Norway celebrating!

Violent crime dropped by 30%.

Norway is a very small country. There’s only about five million people live there. It’s half the size of metro-Chicago and their violent crime rate dropped by half.

All they did was enforce the laws already on the books, they didn’t have to pass a single new law. The 824 deportations was a record number for Norway.


We could learn a thing or two from the Norwegians. Of course CAIR would scream about “racism” and “discrimination,” but we’d be fine with that. Oh, and CAIR – unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding case – should be on the first plane out.

And heck, as long as we’re on the subject we can think of about 15 million more illegal aliens who should be on the first bus out.


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