Black Lives Matter Comes to McKinney, Texas

It’s going to be a long, hot summer. McKinney, TX is the latest assurance of that. The bottom line seems to be that there was a neighborhood pool party going on, everything was fine. It was a mixed race crowd. A group of kids who happened to be black and who were not from the neighborhood crashed the party and started causing trouble and somebody called the cops.

The party crashers defied the cops when they showed up and one cop seems to have gotten out of control in his policing. Here’s seven minutes of what happened …

Here’s the context for the video.

  • The police were responding to a call from the neighborhood of unruly teens who crashed a pool party.
  • At least one fight had broken out before the police arrived.
  • When the police arrived it was a chaotic scene and officer Casebolt ordered the crowd to disperse.
  • The crowd ignored his order.
  • By this time more police had arrived and they told the crowd to sit down.
  • Again, some members of the crowd ignored the order and new poster child for the Black Lives Matter crowd, Dajerria Becton, was born. Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame Dajerria.
  • Casebolt used physical force to put her on the ground.
  • Several male members of the crowd rushed Casebolt and he drew his gun and the crowd backed down.

The question is, did Casebolt overreact or did he break the law? And the second question is, will the Obama administration – Loretta Lynch – send DoJ Civil rights investigators to discover racism in the McKinney police department and put them under a “consent order?”

We don’t know what will happen, but we’re pretty sure that no matter how the official investigation of officer Casebolt’s actions turns out, his career is over.

And, with respect to the Black Lives Matter crowd, they’ve got a new heroine to proove that America is a racist hell hole.


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