How Can You Practice Law in America and be an Illegal Alien?

Well, for starters you apply to the bar when we’ve got a President who has spent seven years undermining the rule of law. It really helps that he likes illegal aliens a whole lot more than American citizens.

On the first point, we’ve got John Yoo. He is the Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law at Cal Berkeley. He drives liberals into a suicidal rage on a routine basis. He’s a top legal scholar, a popular speaker, and a columnist. He was also the senior legal adviser at the Justice Department in the Bush Administration.

Here’s his opinion of Barack Obama.

On the second point, we’ve got one Cesar Vargas of New York. Cesar is an illegal immigrant who was brought here by his parents when he was five. He’s the recipient of a free pass from Barack Obama through the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

0607 Get out of Jail Free

Cesar attended the City University of New York, likely paid “in-state” tuition, assuming he didn’t get a free ride scholarship, and graduated from law school in 2011. He passed the bar in 2012. He has big plans.

“As a lawyer, I’m going to have more power to help people to confront and fix broken legal systems that our community faces every day,” he said.
Vargas currently runs the Dream Action Coalition, an immigration reform lobbying group he founded during the three years it took to press his case for a law license. He told the Post he now plans to start his own law firm.

And that Cesar is a classy guy. He’s obviously gotten a fine education at CUNY.

He sent out an explicative-laced tweet to his followers yesterday.

“NY, my home, OFFICIALLY says I can be a licensed lawyer! I’m going to f****** finally be an admitted lawyer!” Vargas posted.

Cesar had to go to court to be allowed to be a member of the bar.

Specifically, the court wrote: “We find that the undocumented status of an individual applicant does not, alone, suggest that the applicant is not possessed of the qualities that enable attorneys to vigorously defend their client’s interests within the bounds of the law…

We hope that our next President will draw a line through DACA and deport this obnoxious jerk.

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