Frozen, Mummified Bodies Found in Mexico

Several frozen bodies have been found on Mexico’s highest mountain Pico de Orizaba.


The mountain is about a five hour drive from Mexico City.

The remains were discovered by climbers as the glacier and ice packs melt on the mountains.


The bodies were initially believed to be climbers who went missing 55 years ago and one that died in a plane crash on the mountain in the 90s.

Investigators are also looking into the possibility that they died as the result of global warming, Algore has been asked to come to Mexico City to consult with the police.


Another theory is that these bodies are just the first of many that will be discovered. They could be undocumented immigrants whose coyote led them onto the mountain peak as a “safer route” to good times in America than the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona.


The Obama administration will be sending representatives from ICE to consult. The Mexican government has reportedly asked the administration to change the name of “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” because that could have been the catalyst that the smugglers used to convince the undocumented immigrants to go up on the mountain. “Just follow the ice…”


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