Guess Who Believed in: Peace, Social Justice, Women’s Rights …

Women’s rights. Social Justice. Peace. Well, of course that would be none other than Muhammad. And if you have any questions about that there’s even a toll free number to call.


That’s a billboard that’s been going up around the country in California (naturally), Florida, Chicago, and this one’s in Atlanta. They were put up by a group called the Islamic Circle of North America.

Women’s rights? Tell that to 140 million little Moslem girls who’ve had their clitoris hacked off.


Tell that to women in Saudi Arabia who aren’t allowed to drive. Or be seen in public without a male family member. Or be covered fashionably dressed.


Social justice? And then there’s that pesky “social justice” thing.

A woman is gang raped and then tried under Sharia Law for adultery because one of her rapists was married.


The married man was not charged.

Certainly social justice is concerned with gay rights and same-sex marriage, right? Here’s what it’s like to be a homosexual in Iran.


They’re just having a gay old time, right?

Peace? Of course Muhammad is a big proponent of peace.

Here’s some peaceful protesters in Gaza…


It’s always heartening to see dad’s teaching their children good moral principles like peace.

Moslems enjoying a quite moment of fellowship with their Christian brethren, relaxing at the beach.


Too bad they didn’t bring their kids along on the fun weekend.

And, let’s not forget the joy Moslems share while vacationing in America.


Yeah, that billboard is right on the money.


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