Concealed Carry Citizen Blows Away Thug During Mass Murder Spree in Philly Barber Shop

It’s a lazy afternoon, and a large group of customers gathered in a barbershop in West Philly for haircuts. Some of the crowd were kids. In lots of communities the barbershop is kind of an informal community center, it certainly was in our hometown. Today was different in that West Philly shop, and thanks to a citizen exercising his 2nd Amendment right to concealed carry, the only person who didn’t go home was a thug.

Apparently a fight broke out between a thug and one of the barbers and the thug pulled a gun started spraying the shop.

The lady who lives next door to the shop had it exactly right.

Liberals will tell you that the lady should have called 911. The average response time for a 911 call is eleven minutes. Think about that for a second. A thug is firing a gun in a crowded barbershop and Barack Obama and Chaka Fattah, the House Memeber from West Philly, both want to take your guns away. Call the cops, they say.

In that West Philly barbershop everybody, including the neighbors, could have been dead in eleven minutes had it not been for a good guy legalling carrying a firearm.


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