A School Teacher Too Liberal (or Stupid) Even For … San Francisco

It took us a while to believe it, but it looks like it’s actually true. A San Francisco teacher appears to have not just stepped, but may have leaped over the line. At this point it’s unclear if the school will do much, but they’ve got parents up in arms.

It sounds like there is pretty solid evidence – selfies – and a classroom full of students who witnessed it. The school district is “investigating.” The teacher, apparently, is still in the classroom.

There’s no indication that the union representing the teacher is involved – yet. You can bet your last nickel they will be. Teachers jobs must be protected at all costs. Even when the cost is exposing students to a total pervert.

The very idea that the school official, Susan Davis, would highlight “privacy concerns” and blow off student safety is more than enough reason for us to repeat our fundamental belief that putting your children in public school is child abuse.

In terms of “privacy” there are three male math teachers listed for the school. Unless the district removed the offending teacher (or, the guy was teaching math but isn’t in the math department) it’s probable that the offender is one of these three.

If we taught in the math department, we’d be taking out full page ads to the effect that “IT’S NOT ME.”

“Public educators” are working diligently to destroy the fabric of the nation. All of them? Maybe not, but we’re not willing to give any of them the benefit of the doubt.


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