Trusting Obama on Immigration

President Obama wants us to “trust him” on a whole bunch of things like national security, negotiating with Iran, negotiating secret trade deals, health insurance, and especially on immigration.

He’s stopped deportations. He’s granted executive amnesty to wide swath of illegal immigrants, and except for a courageous judge in Texas, he’d have granted amnesty to up to 10 million illegals. The cards have already been printed.

Let’s look at just how worthy of our trust this president is on the issue of immigration.

The Department of Homeland Security runs a “catch and release” program with illegal aliens. They catch ’em, give them a ticket and make them promise to show up in court for a hearing. You’ll be shocked to discover they ignore the tickets.

When it comes to illegals who are criminals, that’s a little different, but just a little.

Most of the illegal immigrant criminals Homeland Security officials released from custody last year were discretionary, meaning the department could have kept them in detention but chose instead to let them onto the streets as their deportation cases moved through the system, according to new numbers from Congress.

To put this in perspective, they catch an alien who is in the US illegally. That’s a crime. They run a background check on the criminal and discover that he’s been convicted of or charged with other crimes. They get to decide whether to keep them in custody or release them with a promise to appear.

Some of those released were the worst of the worst — more than 3,700 “Threat Level 1” criminals, who are deemed the top priority for deportation, were still released out into the community even as they waited for their immigration cases to be heard.
Homeland Security officials have implied their hands are tied by court rulings in many cases, but the numbers, obtained by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, showed 57 percent of the criminals released were by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s own choice, and they could have been kept instead.

DHS “hands are tied by court rulings” only because the Congress has refused to act on sensible immigration legislation that rewards those who play by the rules and punishes those who don’t. For instance, right now entering the US illegally is a misdemeanor, it should be a felony. Hiring an illegal alien almost anywhere in nation is barely a misdemeanor, that too should be a felony. Change the law and the court problem goes away.

And then there’s the other 57% that DHS just doesn’t want to bother with.

ICE insists that they take their decisions seriously and that many of those released are on bond, are subject to “phone checks,” or are monitored by ankle bracelets.

However, nearly all of those released under electronic monitoring broke the terms of their release, according to ICE numbers.
In fiscal year 2014, ICE put about 41,000 immigrants through electronic monitoring, and more than 30,000 of them broke the terms of their release — many of them racking up multiple violations.

Feeling safe yet?

ICE and their defenders say they’ve got lots of problems. Not enough beds, for example.

In reality, they’ve only got one problem.

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Barack Obama. He’s fundamentally remaking the United States of America into a third world Hell hole.


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