‘New York Times’ Attacking Marco Rubio’s Wife for Traffic Tickets

Liberals love to say that family members of their candidates should be “off limits” for attacks in an election. Despite this claim, The New York Times set its sights on Florida Senator and GOP candidate for President Marco Rubio and his wife because they have a few traffic infractions.

In a bizarre Friday expose, the Times breathlessly reported that Marco and his wife have a combined “17 traffic infractions” and said that the Senator and his wife have “shown a tendency to be in a rush on the road.”

In light of the blockbuster book “Clinton Cash,” we have a Democrat presidential candidate who is under suspicion of giving favors to foreign countries–some of them enemies to the USA–in exchange for hundreds of millions in donations to her “charity.” Now, according to the “paper of record,” we have a GOP candidate in Marco Rubio who has a worrisome driving record. Quite a contrast, that.

Of course, the candidate himself only has a few tickets as in the article, the Times notes that Marco only has four traffic tickets. His wife, though, has 13. So in reality this story is just a broadside against Marco’s wife, Jeanette,

After going on for paragraph after paragraph revealing its shocking expose of the Rubio’s driving history, the Times notes sonorously, “Mr. Rubio’s campaign had no comment on the traffic violations or whether Ms. Rubio’s license was ever actually suspended.”

Why Mrs. Rubio is suddenly a target for attack in this rather pointless article is hard to fathom. The Times even found it necessary to point out that Jeanette Rubio is a “former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.” There’s a poignant factoid from the Old Gray Lady.

On top of all that, The New York Times didn’t even research and write the story. They just took the whole thing from the Clinton supporters at the Media Matters offshoot American Bridge–a group formed to push Hillary for 2016.

So, this is essentially a Hillary-sponsored hit piece that the paper didn’t even write.

Finally, one would be remiss not to note that in 2007 when then New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was injured when his limo driver was traveling 91 mile an hour, the Times focused on the governor’s injury instead of the traffic violation.

Apparently when Democrats break traffic laws–even when they cause accidents and injuries–violations of traffic laws aren’t of interest to the Times.

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