Navy Chaplain Disciplined for Being True to His Faith – Sen.. Lindsay Graham Steps Up …

And does …

That’s right. Zip. Nada. Bupkis.

Here’s the background.

Here’s what Chaplain Modder’s commanding officers have said about his service.

“ [has] charismatic leadership and sound judgment . . . the Navy has the best of the best in Chaplain Modder.” Commander, Naval Special Warfare Center
“[A] national asset, mission critical, mission essential officer to any command.” Then-Executive Officer, now-Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD-4)
“None match his devotion to ministering to the needs of the people assigned to him or perseverance to the tasks assigned.” Director of Force Structure, Chief of Navy Chaplains
In addition:
Chaplain Modder’s former commander, Colonel Trollinger, Commanding Officer, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, revised Chaplain Modder’s already-glowing fitness report from “Must Promote” to “Early Promote,” the highest rating possible.

Chaplain Modder is serving in South Carolina, the home state of Senator and presidential candidate Lindsay Graham. Remember that Graham constantly portrays himself as a Christian and as a leader who is pro-military.

So far a number of Republican candidates – Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum – have come out (no pun intended) in support of Chaplain Modder. Nary a word so far from Moder’s home state Senator, Lindsay Graham.

When Senator Graham was contacted by a conservative news organization about this issue no one had time to talk with them and they eventually received this letter.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you. Due to the large volume of requests I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians. As we continue our work in the 114th Congress, I look forward to supporting our troops in the War on Terror, repairing our economy and creating jobs, strengthening Social Security, lowering the tax burden on American families, and making the federal government more accountable and efficient. If your correspondence pertains to a scheduling request, please fax your request to (202) 224-3808. Sincerely, Lindsey Graham

“Sincerely” my posterior. There is nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing “sincere” about Lindsay Graham.

Chaplain Modder is under attack by the Gay Mafia that has been working overtime for the last six years to infiltrate and destroy our military. Please don’t let Chaplain Modder be a casualty. You can do several things to help him:

  1. Pray for him, and let your Christian friends and your Pastor know about the attack on him and ask them to pray. God brought down the Walls of Jericho, the US Navy’s administrative walls should not be big job for Him.
  2. Call your US Senator and ask for help.
  3. Consider supporting Liberty Institute, they are providing, at no charge to Chaplain Modder, legal assistance in the proceedings against him.

Thank you for doing what you can to help Chaplain Modder, and remember this every time you see Lindsay Graham. He is not fit to serve in the US Senate let alone be President.


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