Hillary’s New Campaign Strategy: “Everything is FREE on Planet Welfare”

Hillary Clinton is formally kicking off her Presidential campaign on the 16th at an island once known as “Welfare Island.” We find it to be an appropriate location for the candidate who despirately wants to recognized as a Progressive on the order of Teddy Roosevelt.


She recently watched the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt family and talked about how she could relate to the family and the time Teddy was President. She found parallels between the times and hoped she could deal with “imbalances that were in the economy and in society” as Teddy had.

Hillary on Welfare Island, worshiping Teddy Roosevelt, the Progressive. Please note: “PASS THE PROSPERITY AROUND” It’s a perfect starting point for her “More Free Stuff” campaign.


We know that Hillary has delusions of Roosevelts.


First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as a therapeutic release, according to a new book written by Bob Woodward, says a report in Sunday’s edition of The Chicago Sun-Times.

The first lady declined a personal adviser’s suggestion that she address Jesus Christ, however, because it would be “too personal,” according to Woodward’s book, “The Choice.”
Woodward suggests the White House hoped to keep Mrs. Clinton’s relationship with Houston and her talks with the dead a secret.

Thank goodness she didn’t talk to Jesus. That certainly would disqualify her as a Democratic candidate.

The Clintons have even gone so far as to hire a Princeton professor to advise Hillary on how she and Bill fit into progressive political history.

We hope her place in progressive political history is side-by-side with Teddy. He lost big and the Bull Moose Party was never heard from again.

We like that outcome.

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