Obama’s Legacy: Restoring the US as “The Most Respected Country in the World”

President Obama, at a townhall meeting this week, noted that he had restored America to the most respected country in the world and cited his foreign policy triumphs asproof.

“We were able to win two wars…” Tell that to the people in Ramadi, Mr. President. You took a war that we had won, in Iraq, pulled out our residual military force and gave the country to chaos and terrorism in the face of your “JV Team,”ISIS.


You’re getting ready to recognize Cuba at no cost to them. They still hold all the political prisoners they held two years ago and they’re not about to releasethem.

Iran? You’re giving the number one terrorist state in the world the room they need to build nuclear weapons. Your foreign policy of appeasement of terrorism and terrorist states has made the world the most dangerous place it’s everbeen.


“Work with our partners…” At one point they were our partners. That would be 2009, before you started implementing your policies of “smartdiplomacy.”

Mr. President, if historians have a ounce of pride in their profession, your legacy isn’t going to look like you think it is. We hope you live long enough to eat thatcrow.




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