Hillary Who? She’s What? President? You’re Kidding, Right?

Hillary Clinton is the “inevitable” Democratic Presidential candidate. Just listen to Hillary’s campaign strategist, MarkPenn.

With two quarters … behind us and just 6 months to go until the Iowa caucuses it is a good time to see where Hillary stands and why.
The bottom line? Hillary’s electoral strength has grown in the last quarter and she is better positioned today than ever before to become the next President of the United Sates. Recent polls have her at or near 40% with leads of 15-20 points over her nearest competitors. Voters yearn for change and they say that Hillary has
the strength and experience to actually bring about that change. Hillary’s message: that her strength and experience will bring real change that America needs, is resonating strongly withvoters.
Despite unprecedented early publicity for all the candidates, Hillary’s support in the last few months has strengthened nationally, in key states and in the general election. This improvement has occurred as voters have learned more about all of the candidates. In other words, as all the candidates’ name ID’s have increased, so has Hillary’s lead.

Solid. Unbeatable. Oh, that quote is from July 9, 2007. Inevitable.

And this year? Well, the press is doing their best for her, but there are chinks in her armor. And we’re not talking about the Chinese donors to Bill Clinton’s campaigns.

The Hillary campaign held an event this week in New York, a “women-only conversation with Hillary” event. For $2,700 an expected 125 women got to spend time with Hillary and maybe even ask some prepared softball questions.


Except that by last Friday they’d only managed to sell 50 tickets. So they opened it up to men. And pushed the deadline from 10am Sunday to “sometime” on Monday. “Sometime” turned out to be when they had dumped enough tickets to not be embarrassed by the turnout.

How’d it turn out? Well, you be the judge.

We hear about 90 attendees included former Bill Clinton aide Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and his husband Randy Florke, Maurice Tempelsman, Jill Braufman (wife of hedge funder Daniel Nir), Jean Shafiroff and Susan Cole. The event began at noon, but Clinton arrived at 1 p.m. in “a royal blue jacket and black pants.” She then took pictures with donors and delivered a half-hour speech before leaving at about 2 p.m.

They managed to get 90 peeps including Hillary’s anchor, Bill. And some guys who probably think they’re girls. Or at least act like they are.

And she spoke for half-hour and took penetrating questions for … oh.

But never fear, Hillary is all about transparency. No matter what the Right Wing Conspiracy says.

Meanwhile, on Monday, journalists covering Clinton met in Washington, DC, to grouse about inadequate access to the candidate. When we reached out to a local Clinton campaign rep who helped organize the event, she referred us to Clinton’s deputy national press secretary, who referred us to her “rapid response spokesperson,” who, not surprisingly, had no comment.

Well, maybe not so much.


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