Democrats Tweet Us Another Reason to Loathe Them on Memorial Day

Democrats really know how to celebrate Memorial Day, don’t they? We get another prime example of the hate Democrats have for America with the Party’s Tweet featuring Barack Obama eating ice cream in front of a gaggle of adoring “reporters.” And the troops, you ask? What troops?

At this point, if you are a real American, about all you can muster for Democrats is contempt and this Memorial Day Tweet wholly justifies that contempt.

Without further ado, here is that inappropriate Democrat Tweet

So, I’m guessing that when you think of Memorial Day YOU don’t think of King Barack and his adoring media. You might rather think of… oh, I don’t know… maybe our soldiers?

It was so bad, even CNN’s Jake Tapper slammed the Democrat Party for its stupid Tweet using a photo of Obama eating ice cream in front of a gaggle of reporters to celebrate Memorial Day.

Many of the commenters on the Democrat Party Tweet were not too complimentary, either.

One trenchantly asked, “Is King Barack thinking about the dead soldiers while slurping ice cream in front of adoring media servants?”

Another said, “I guess @TheDemocrats think their Dear Leader posing with ice cream embodies Memorial Day better than dead veterans.”

How disgusting do YOU think the Democrat’s Tweet is?

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