Disastrous Commie Pope Now Calling Murderous Palestinians ‘Angels of Peace’

Every day this disastrous commie Pope gets worse for Catholics in particular and the west in general. This time this foolish man is lauding the so-called “Palestinians” a “angels of peace.” Nothing–absolutely NOTHING–could be farther from truth than calling Palestinians “angels of peace” unless you are referring to the relative peace of death because death merchants is all they are.

This weekend Pope Francis praised murderer Mahmoud Abbas calling him an “angel of peace” in a meeting held at the Vatican on Saturday.

Abbas presented the red pope with a medallion that supposedly represents the “angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.”

In reply this Marxist pope told Abbas that the gift was appropriate because Abbas is “an angel of peace.”

Add this weekend’s foolishness to this pope’s decision to confer statehood on the non-existent “country” of Palestine by signing a treaty recognizing the Palestinians as a state. The announcement for the treaty was made last week, but has been neither officially drawn up, released to the church nor signed.

All this glad handing for a man who represents a terror outfit that is based on murder and genocide. This pope is calling a terrorist state an “angel of peace.”

Just to remind you all, the so-called Palestinians still say that Israel has no right to exist and still maintain that their ultimate goal is to murder every Jew and push the state of Israel into the sea.

Catholics, your commie pope has just jumped sandaled feet first into becoming an advocate for terrorism. The meek criticisms of this pope from conservative-minded Catholics needs to rise to a roar, not the meek rumble it is today.

Just to name a few examples of this pope’s dangerous actions, he has chimed in on the side of global warming religionists, he has attacked capitalism and more than once, too. Francis has focused his criticism on America while ignoring the violence of Islam, and said that he wants a “redistribution” of wealth. And these are just a few examples of the horrible ideas built on his failed Marxist ideology.

This pope is a horrible man. He stands against the only economic system that brought billions of people out of poverty and improved the standard of living for the whole globe and he sides with terrorists who want to perpetrate genocide.

Catholics, you need to deal with this cretin and stop apologizing for him.

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