It’s Time So Much of This ‘Free Speech’ is Shut Down for Inciting Violence

The First Amendment of the United States is one of the keystone principles in our founding, certainly. And it is about time that as a nation we put an end to its abuse. Not only does this key amendment give us free speech but it also assures freedom of the press, so it’s time for government to step in and stop people from abusing it.

Over the last two days we’ve seen such abuses of the First Amendment that should infuriate every true American. We have seen, for instance, a group in Texas holding an event that was meant as a means to incite Muslims to kill people. The Federal government should have stepped in to prevent this event.

After all, what happened when they held an event soliciting graven images of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him? That’s right, good and true Muslims came out to kill the infidel, just as they are instructed to do by the Quran.

The simple fact is that these Muslims would not have taken up arms if not for this event.

The guardian of a free press and the First Amendment, Rukmini Callimachi of The New York Times, had it right when she Tweeted, “Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a ‘Muhammad drawing contest’?”

Callimachi is exactly right. Free speech must be put aside if it attacks the Prophet.

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill was also right when he attacked the event saying, “I understand and respect free speech. But to organize hate speech events, purely because you’re legally allowed to, is disgusting.”

He is spot on. We need to end this “legally allowed to” nonsense for our good as well as for the good of the religion of peace. This event should have been shut down by the iron boot of the federal government before it incited violence.

But these stalwart American patriots above don’t go far enough.

There is a lot of so-called “free” speech that incites violence.

We should stop Christians from talking ill about gay marriage. After all, some activist, militant gay just might kill someone over it all.

Jews should be barred from building and operating Synagogues to prevent Muslims from getting mad.

And if a Muslim, any Muslim is offended by what is in the media, that outlet should be sanctioned, fined, maybe even put out of business.

Also, when a woman dresses like a slut, she is certainly inciting rape. Women should be prevented from dressing provocatively.

All this purported “freedom” incites people. I mean, when a wife beater or a rapist says to their victim “look what you made me do,” don’t they prove to be fully justified in their violent actions? Those skin-showing women, or flirty little children deserve their fate after tempting the rapists and abusers so blatantly.

We all love this First Amendment business, sure, but the Muslims have the right idea with their sharia law concept. We need massive limits put on our freedoms so that we don’t incite so much violence.

We must be near the time when people who imagine they have this “free speech” right should be shut down.

Now, right about now your blood is boiling, I am sure. How can I say all this, you might ask? Well, this is what the media, Obama, and the left is teaching me and what they are spoonfeeding our children. Their practice of the “fetal position” tactic is just what America needs, they say.

If we are to hasten the loss of our culture, we’d best kick the left’s polices into high gear. After all, Muslims might get mad if we don’t.

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