Please Support My Difficult Decision to Come Out as an African American

First of all let me say that this isn’t an easy decision and I hope that everyone will support me in my time of need. That being said, I want to admit that growing up I always felt different from everyone else around me. Things always seemed so colorless to me and I was always aware that I felt darker than other boys. Now, at long last, I must admit the truth. I must stop living a lie. I must come out and admit that I was born an African American.

Oh, sure, I “look” white. But so what? I have always felt black and now I wish to publicly embrace my inner African American.

Does this sound absurd to you? Is it wrong that a 50-some-year-old white man is suddenly claiming that he’s always “felt black”?

Why should it? Why should I not decide to be black? After all, liberals say that we can merely decide to be anything we want to be these days. A man can be a woman, a woman can be a man, a man can dress like a woman but still be a man, a religious person can jettison that and be an atheist, people can alter their faces and bodies with implants of any type ala transhumanism… anything is possible.

So, if I want to “be” an African American, why not? Who is to say I haven’t always “felt” black?

Who can deny me? Would liberals allow me, or any white person, their “feelings” that they are really a black person trapped in a white person’s body?

And if I can’t decide to be black, why not? How do liberals draw that imaginary line? How is it not arbitrary to deny me my feelings? How can it not be justified with the same “reasoning” as their other politically acceptable cases?

What do you think? Is there room for a white person to claim he’s black?

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