Voting for Any Obama AG is Voting for Corruption

This week ten purported Republicans joined the most power mad president in American history to confirm his next candidate for Attorney General, mz. Loretta Lynch. These so-called Republicans cited presidential privilege in their votes but at this point any vote for anything Obama wants is a vote for pure corruption, not the American way.

In the normal course of American history, it has been traditional to pay deference to a president’s nominations. This is a sensible practice because when a president wins election–especially if he has been given anything like a mandate vote—it is expected that he has been given the nod by the people to attempt to implement his own policies.

So, in the normal scheme of things a president should be able to expect a chance to get his handpicked team in place to do just that.

However, the founders never, ever expected a president to have a completely free hand to do any old thing he wants. Aside from being expected to abide by the Constitution, the president must also obey the decision of the upper chamber. The Founders put in place what is commonly called “advice and consent” giving the Senate the opportunity to give a final up or down vote on those nominees (and on ratifying treaties with foreign powers). This system was put in place in case a president seems to have proven that his personal grab for power was more important to him than our national character, our history and the rule of law.

The fact is, the Senate’s job is to confirm based on whether or not a nominee will obey the US Constitution–not whether that candidate is merely “qualified.”

In the case of our current president, Obama has proven to be the worst of all worlds where it concerns corruption. He is unconcerned with the desires of voters, he despises our history, our national character, our laws and our ideals. He wants to wipe out America as it is and “fundamentally change” her into something that the founders never wanted nor imagined.

Obama has spent his entire presidency ignoring the law–in fact breaking it–and invoking “executive authority” to do anything he wants to do in order to destroy the country as it is and to remake it into something it should never be.

In the case of Obama and Lynch, giving him the normal deference afforded past presidents is an act of anti-Americanism and ten Republicans did just that.

Lynch virtually told the Senate outright that as the US Attorney General she would not uphold the law. During her hearings she said at various times that she would work to give illegal aliens a pass on the law, she would not investigate Hillary Clinton for her illegal email servers, would work to undermine the Second Amendment and would push abortion. She also signaled that she didn’t think there was any limits at all about what a president could do using executive action–Constitution be damned.

Despite that, Obama’s newest AG nominee received the “yes” votes of Kelly Ayotte (NH), Thad Cochran (MS), Susan Collins (Maine), Jeff Flake (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC), Orrin Hatch (UT), Ron Johnson (WS), Mark Kirk (IL), Rob Portman (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

So, in voting to confirm, these ten Republicans voted against the law, against the Constitution and against the American way. Each of these Republicans didn’t merely buck their party and their voters, they proved themselves to be actual traitors to the country.

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