With Ben Affleck Flap, PBS Again Proves it is a Left Wing Shill

PBS is not fair or balanced and nothing it does can be trusted. We see this claim fully validated with how the network bent over for actor Ben Affleck’s demand that his slave-owning ancestry be eliminated from a recent program tracing the actor’s family.

PBS had Affleck on its show “Finding Your Roots” to trace his family history and learn of his lineage. But during the process, PBS discovered that the actor had slave owners in his family tree. Affleck was not having any of that, though, and demanded that the show edit out any of that reality. Affleck didn’t want his slave history known by the public.

Instead of retaining its integrity, PBS kowtowed to Affleck’s demands and agreed to excise all mentions from the show of the truth of his family tree.

We know all this because of an email hacker, not because PBS reported the truth to the country that pays its bills with tax dollars.

As Breitbart reported,

“It’s outrageous that PBS censored such vital information from its program and a reminder that public broadcasting, no less than its commercial counterparts, is too often deferential to those with money and power,” University of Maryland journalism professor Mark Feldstein told TheWrap on Monday.

“If we’re taking this series [Finding Your Roots] seriously as revealing all these different narratives about people’s backgrounds, and choosing to go to one story as opposed to another… I think that’s got some problems,” Syracuse University director of media studies Robert Thompson added to the outlet.

PBS has since weakly claimed it is conducting an “internal investigation” to see if this all really happened, but there really is little doubt that the info in the email hack is anything else by 100% true.

The fact seems to be that PBS was more interested in allowing a left-wing actor retain the fiction that he is free of the black marks of slavery than it was in facts and truth. We see that PBS is simply a shill for the far left and not interested in truth at all.

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