Few Conservatives on ‘Hollywood Reporter’s’ 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media List

Hollywood Report has issued its list of the most powerful members of the New York media scene and at number one is Fox News boss Roger Ailes. This story is from last week, but I think some of the quotes are interesting so…

The newly released 2015 “35 Most Powerful People in New York Media” list actually includes 53 people as some of the slots were filled by several candidates at once. Not many members of the conservative media appear on the list, and some, like actor Stephen Colbert, seem a dubious choice. But at number one is the biggest name in cable news, Roger Ailes.

Each winner is interviewed by HR for its list and Fox News chief Roger Ailes took the occasion of his time to take a swipe at rival MSNBC. “I flip to MSNBC occasionally to make sure their blind pig didn’t find an acorn. But they never have once”

“I tell you who I do like at MSNBC,” Ailes added, “I like Joe and Mika.”

Ailes also said he didn’t tune to CNN very often. “I don’t watch much CNN, they got out of the news business in primetime. But I look to see if they have a good documentary or movie. If they do, I’ll watch that.”

The most successful news chief in cable news also had some criticism for folks in Hollywood who, Ailes said, “are hopelessly misguided.”

“They think they’ll stand out and do better by criticizing the institutions and values that made the country great. I like Hollywood people. But they need a history lesson,” Ailes concluded.

Two other members of the Fox team also made the list. Bill O’Reilley and Megyn Kelly, two of the cable newser’s biggest ratings earners, also appear.

In his comments, O’Reilley also criticized Hollywood saying, “overall suffer from lemming-itis. My Hollywood partners, the Scott Free folks, are tremendously talented.”

The top Fox draw did say that he admires the man who runs “60 Minutes.” He’s “Honest, creative and a stand-up guy,” O’Reilly said.

Others on the list include David Rhodes of CBS News, CNN’s Jeff Zucker, evening news anchors Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, and David Muir. Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb of “Today.” Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer of “Good Morning America” also appear.

During his interview for the list CNN’s that one of his favorite shows in on Fox News.

“The O’Reilly Factor at 11 p.m. I just find Bill very informative and entertaining. Make sure it’s noted I watch it at 11, not 8,” Zucker said.

ABC’s David Muir mentioned the case of suspended anchor Brian Williams in his remarks. Muir said that the Williams’ lies further damaged a media that viewers already distrust. “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone or any organization, and I probably would say it wasn’t great for the industry as a whole,” he said of Williams’ notorious claims.

The list, though, is taking criticism from some corners. Chris O’Shea of Ad Week’s FishbowlNY called the list “meaningless.”

“The list actually includes 53 people,” O’Shea said, “but hey, whatever. Meaningless list? Meaningless numbers.”

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