Miscreant Liberals Don’t Believe ‘Death to America’ Means Death to America

A sensible person would believe someone who says to their face that they hate them. Liberals aren’t sensible. Especially in the case of an Iran whose people shout “death to America” on a weekly basis. Insensibly, liberals refuse to believe in the words Iranians constantly fling at us all.

Examples abound, especially this week as Barack Hussein Obama continues to work on Iran’s behalf in talks over the Persian nation’s nuclear ambitions. In an act impossible to explain logically, both the news media and the Obama administration (but I repeat myself) have said multiple times that they don’t believe Iranians who chant “death to America.” Liberals believe that the continuing rallies filled with Iranians chanting “death to America” and the numerous examples of Iranian officials saying the same don’t mean what they say.

Late in March the White House dismissed Iran’s constant “death to America” chants in rallies and in official government statements as merely “rhetoric” meant for “a domestic political audience.”

Only a few days later Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki couldn’t respond with a logical answer when she was asked why Obama says that he thinks Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu can’t be trusted, but Iran’s Mullahs who chant death to American can be trusted.

Obama simply refuses to believe that Iran has intentions to kill Americans (as their export of IEDs to Iraq that have killed thousands of American soldiers proves.). Obama also refuses to believe that Iran wants to commit genocide against Israel despite the fact that only days ago a top Iranian military commander admitted to the truth.

This isn’t anything new, of course. For quite some time liberals have been insisting that Iran really loves America and that all this “death to America” business is just stuff and nonsense. As far back as 2008, for instance, left-wing PBS travel writer Rick Steves was making just that very claim. Steves made news back in 2011 when he gave one million dollars of his “Bush tax cut” to an arts center. There are plenty of other examples, but I’ll leave it at these for the sake of brevity.

Plainly liberals don’t believe what people say.

And we know this to be true. After all, when a white person says he isn’t a racist, no liberal believes him. When a Christian says that they may not want to bake a cake for a gay person’s wedding but they don’t hold ill will toward gays, liberals don’t believe them. When Republicans say that voter ID laws are only meant to assure that people are voting legally, liberals don’t believe them. Or when Benjamin Netanyahu says he thinks more needs to be done to insure a two state solution, liberals don’t believe him.

Liberals think plain English is filled with “dog whistles.” They say this because they believe that what is plainly being said is just somehow a cover for what people “really believe.”

All this is built on the liberal mind’s penchant for lying about what they, themselves truly mean when they talk about their goals and policy suggestions.

Take gun control, for instance. For years during the debate on gun control liberals have insisted that they don’t want to ban the Second Amendment. They only want to insure that people are safe with their use of guns. This has always been a lie and occasionally liberals let the cat out of the bag and admit, as Dianne Feinstein once did, that they do want to ban all firearms and put an end to the Second Amendment.

It has been said ad nauseam, but this is all just part of rules radicals use to justify their own lying in order to win. It is a tactic perfected by socialists and communists. So, when liberals find themselves unable to believe what people say outright and what they have continued to say consistently, it is because liberals know that every public word they themselves utter in defense of their own policies is built on lies, so they assume everyone is just like them and they impart a spin to public utterances. This imparting serves to help liberals excuse their own actions rather than explain what is actually being said by others.

Sadly, when it comes to “death to America,” liberals excuse it because they, too, believe in the proscription.


Just as I noted this morning that liberals refuse to believe that “death to America” means what it says, CBS News “reporter” Elizabeth Palmer revealed the perfect example of what I was talking about.

On Saturday, Palmer reported how “hopeful” that the Iranians are over the nuke deal even as she admitted that though they were still calling out “death to America” it was only just a “habit” and didn’t really mean anything.

Here is what she said (my bold):

At Friday prayers there was the usual chant of “death to America”, but more habit than conviction. The sermon by Senior Ayatollah Kashani made it clear that Iran’s leaders support this deal. “I congratulate those who led the talks,” he said. “Great job.”

How did she know it was just “habit”?

She didn’t. It was the narrative SHE was trying to build.

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