The Emptiness of Obama’s Foreign Policy, He’s WORSE Than Neville Chamberlain

There is one expertly crafted sentence in news coverage of Obama’s witless “negotiations” with Iran over its nuclear ambitions that explains perfectly Obama’s total fecklessness in foreign relations.

Reuters reported this amazingly nonsensical *paragraph:

Negotiators have a tentative agreement on the rough outline of a possible public statement on the progress they have made so far that would also highlight areas of disagreement, diplomats close to the talks said.

Notice what this paragraph says. It is reporting that negotiators have agreed on a “rough outline” of what is only “a possible statement” on supposed “progress” but will also “highlight” the “disagreements” they have with one another.

In other words, they have a statement coming on nothing.

This is the epitome of Obama foreign policy.

Lots of meetings, lots of blather, no actual progress. The only thing this obtuse paragraph lacks is the ultimate Obama “achievement” of caving in to our enemies and giving them everything they want in the face of complaints from our allies.

But while this paragraph is illustrative of Obama’s fecklessness, a recent editorial in the Observer is even better for noting that Obama is so bad for the world that he’s worse than Neville Chamberlain.

The piece, entitled, “President Obama must not complete a disastrous deal with Iran,” makes some very excellent points in comparing the actions of Britain’s pre-WWII Prime Minister to Obama’s today.

The Observer rightfully points out that despite his disastrous “peace in our times” agreement with Hitler on the eve of WWII, Chamberlain had little choice to do what he did because he was dealing from a position of extreme weakness. Hitler held all the cards and Chamberlain could only cross his fingers and hope that “peace in our times” really was what he would have ended up with.

On the other hand, today Obama is the one with all the cards and yet he is still caving in to belligerent Iran’s demands to get nuclear arms so that it will be able to murder every Jew on the planet.

For more, David Rutz also has a great piece on all of Obama’s cave ins to Iran on this nuke deal.

In the end, Obama is the one sitting in Hitler’s chair in nearly every way possible, yet he’s acting like Chamberlain!

(*Thanks to Philip Klein for seeing this)

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