Apple CEO Who Hates Indiana Christians Happily Does Business With Countries That Execute Gays, Stone Women

Apple CEO Tim Cook is making a particular point this week to attack Christians in Indiana calling them “dangerous,” but it seems he has no problem at all selling his products in Muslim-led countries that kill gays for being gay and stone women when they are raped. Nor does he have a problem making his product in China, the world’s leading violator of human rights.

Clearly Tim Cook is a huge hypocrite… like all liberals are.

If you tool over Cook’s Twitter feed, you’ll see several Tweets of him whining about Indiana’s Religious Restoration of Freedom Act–a law just like those in 30 other states, states that no leftist is seeking to boycott.

Here is a screenshot of Cook’s Tweets…

But as it happens, four of the countries that Tim Cook’s Apple Corporation works with are Uganda, Nigeria, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. All of these nations stone, hang and otherwise punish gays with execution and oppression. So, how is it that Cook is against Indiana because it is mean to gays, but he’s willing to work with countries that KILL gays??

These same countries are also anti-woman. They punish women for being raped, they turn a blind eye to so-called “honor killings” of women and otherwise have laws that oppress women.

On top of that, all those countries oppress the religion of everyone outside Islam.

Then we have China, one of the biggest human rights abusers in the world.

Even in an area where Apple might be able to help the people of China, working conditions at Apple’s China plant are so bad that people there have been committing suicide for years.

What about all that, Tim Crook? Or is the radical gay lobby the only thing that garners your loyalty and that women’s rights and human rights don’t mean anything to you?

And this jerk has the gall to hate Christians in Indiana?

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