Another Obama ‘Dreamer’ Commits Murder

Obama has done his best to fill up our nation with criminal illegals, certainly. But he has also been doing his best to make sure those illegals are also criminals of the more conventional–and dangerous–kind. Obama has been protecting rapists, thieves, drunk drivers and murderers with his amnesty plans. And now, another one of his murderous illegals has killed more Americans.

This time one of Obama’s “Dreamers” has murdered four Americans, citizens who are now dead because Obama wants to flood the country with illegals so that he can get more Democrat voters signed up.

You see, Obama is perfectly OK with killing a few natural born Americans if it helps him satisfy his political agenda.

In this case, you see, Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, a known drug dealer, gang member and now murderer, is also one of Obama’s “Dreamers.”

Senators Thom Tillis and Chuck Grassley have admitted that Rangel-Hernandez, the scumbag responsible for killing a contestant from the TV show “America’s Top Model,” was the lucky beneficiary of Obama’s DACA program.

Last year Obama wildly expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) essentially making it a blanket amnesty for millions of undeserving illegals. But it also became a welcome mat for criminals such as Rangel-Hernandez who are perpetrators of crimes far more dangerous than just illegal immigration.

Rangel-Hernandez, as it happens, was allowed to stay in this country thanks to Obama.

Obama has already released over 60,000 such illegals into our country.

This is just one more way that Barack Obama is setting out purposefully to destroy this country.

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