American Blacks Have Become As Just Bad As Arabs With Their Idiotic Conspiracy Theories

For decades one of the most unusual things about Arabs in particular and Muslims in general is that they are stupid enough to fall for wild-eyed conspiracy theories all born of hate for Israel and the Untied States. But as reactions to Ferguson continue to reverberate here in the US, it appears that African Americans are no different than spittle specked, Muslim terror supporters with their own ease of accepting homegrown, wild-eyed conspiracies.

We are all by now familiar with the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the lie-filled “book” that Arabs say “proves” that the Jews are evil. This is a false-flag book written by Russian anti-Jew activists and promulgated as some sort of Jewish how-to manual on taking over the world. It even included that claim that Jews eat Muslim and/or Christian babies. Seriously; eating them (ever heard of the “blood libel“?).

This false book isn’t the only lie that Arabs promulgate. They have a whole load of lies about the USA–often in connection with Israel. In fact, they are sure that 9/11 was created by either Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, or the US government and that it was all just an effort to libel Islam.

The conspiracy lies that Arabs believe make it easy for propagandists in the so-called “Palestinian” territories to make up lies all day long about Jew shooting them. The most famous example is the case of Muhammad al-Dura, the 12-year-old boy supposedly shot by Israeli Defense Forces back in 2000.

It turned out that this “shooting” was all a lie. It never happened. But the staged video of the “shooting” went viral and was believed by billions of people–even many in the west.

Anyway, examples abound of Arab conspiracy theories promulgated as truth in the backwards, violent world of Islam and more are made up out of whole cloth every day.

Unfortunately, with these Ferguson rioters we have so glaringly seen that African Americans are just as conspiracy-prone as those whack jobs in the Muslim world.

Granted the racebaiters on the left have been pushing conspiracy theories among blacks for years. Remember how AIDS was supposed to have been created by the federal government to kill black people? Or that it was really the CIA, not black gangs, who are selling illegal drugs? And it’s naturally all aimed to keep blacks down.

But with the Ferguson riots writ large across the nation, we are seeing a resurgence of idiotic conspiracy theories gripping blacks in America. Blacks are increasingly prone toward believing that all white cops are out to kill them, that they are held back in American society at all levels, and that literally all whites are inherent racists. Just as ridiculously, blacks are increasingly coming to believe that they, themselves cannot be racist merely because they are black. This is a contention that is patently absurd on its face, but one that is apparently accepted as fact in the African American community.

As soon as a Ferguson police officer shot Michael Brown, the African American community accepted wholesale the lies that Brown was an innocent teen just walking down the street, that he tried to surrender with his “hands up,” and that he was brutally murdered, shot in the back 6 times by a n evil white police officer.

These lies were immediately on the lips of blacks–not just those in Ferguson but around the country–and all before any investigation was fairly begun.

It later turned out that every single “fact” about the Ferguson shooting accepted by blacks was false. Michel Brown had just performed a brutal, strong-arm robbery, so he wasn’t in the least bit innocent. He never had his hands up in surrender, he was not shot in the back but in the front because he was charging the officer when he was shot, and, even more trenchant, he had just tried to beat the officer up and take his gun from him.

But these facts–these outright truths–are still not believed by the conspiracy nuts in the black community. Truth cannot penetrate their religious belief that they are put upon and oppressed at all levels of society.

Sadly, we now have a federal government that is also promulgating these lies. The Obama Department of Justice just released a false “report” that claims that the Ferguson police force is “racist” further cementing in the minds of blacks that whitey is out to get them and giving the rioters the color of authority.

And things have only gotten more absurd. On Thursday, after one of the protesters shot two officers early on Thursday morning, the so-called “BlackLivesMatters” protesters have decided that it was the cops who shot their own just to make the protesters look bad.

Then, hours later, joining the nuts who think the shooter of the two officers had some shadowy ulterior motive besides a mere hate for cops, the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, proffered a wacky, unproven conspiracy theory of his own.

On Thursday afternoon, while dismissing the shooter (who is still unknown at this time) as just a “damn punk,” Holder claimed that the shooter was also trying to besmirch the protesters and was trying put the brakes on the “progress” of the protests–what ever “progress” is supposed to mean.

Yes, in this way America’s black community is just like the jihadists. If a conspiracy theory makes of them a victim and presents the rest of us as mortal enemies, neither group ever met a conspiracy theory they don’t like.

Ultimately, one has to wonder how long it will be before African Americans are seen justifying their own version of Islam’s violent jihad if these hate-based conspiracy theories continue to grow unchecked. What violence might they excuse because these conspiracy theories have convinced them that they are the victims of “institutional racism”? In fact, we already have precedence for this sort of left-wing terror in the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, and the “Nation of Islam” currently led by Louis Farrakhan.

Can we simply dismiss the possibility that the black community could continue down the path of radicalization? As a nation, we would be foolish if we did.

Finally, and I shouldn’t have to say any of what follows, but these days one must, this is not to say that there are no problems in the black community that aren’t of their own making. Of course there are problems that need solutions. But all these wacky, idiotic conspiracy theories many are indulging in will not help them fix what is wrong in their communities. It really is plain to see.

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