Obama Set Clinton Up to Get Away With Email Crimes

President Obama made dead sure that Hillary Clinton would never get caught using illegal private email systems while Secretary of State by refusing to appoint an official internal inspector general for the Dept. of State during Hillary’s tenure, a new report shows.

It is the duty of the president to make sure that every government department has its own appointed Inspector General to serve as an internal watchdog over an agency. But during Hillary’s entire tenure, Obama never bothered to fill the vacant IG office for the State Department.

A new report by the Washington Examiner reveals Obama’s complicity in giving Clinton all the cover she needed to do whatever she wanted as Secretary of State by making sure there was no watchdog to keep her honest during her stint at State.

“The White House is saying that the State Department has responsibility for making sure their officials and staff follow the law, but the White House is responsible for making sure they have the tools to do that and they fell down on that job in making sure they have the No. 1 tool, and that’s an inspector general,” John Wonderlich, policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan open-government group, told the Washington Examiner.

Since Obama failed to do his duty and there was never any official watchdog over Hillary, this fact has spurred the Benghazi investigation committee in the House to offer any State Dept. employee total immunity of they come forward with info about what happened on Hillary’s watch.

“The Benghazi Committee is interested in hearing from any State employee who feels they may have nonpublic information relevant to the investigation or the current issue regarding email usage,” Jamal Ware, a spokesman for the House Benghazi Committee, said.

By refusing to appoint a watchdog, all this tends to prove that Obama knew full well that he couldn’t trust Hillary to be a lawful Secretary and he did all he could to make sure any potential scandal she might be responsible for was buried.

Obama knew full well that Hillary would do something bad and he tried his best to head off trouble.

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