Institutional Racism in Fraternities

Frat Mischief
Some college students have revealed one place in which institutional racism may be hidden – in college fraternities.

A chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was abruptly shut down as a result of a gross act of racism. Here is an excerpt from a report on what happened.

The University of Oklahoma announced Tuesday the expulsion of two students identified as playing ‘leadership’ roles in the racist chant that was caught on video that led to a fraternity’s banishment from campus.

President David Boren said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing and once other students are identified, “they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.”

Boren has been swift with his condemnation of the video and banished the fraternity from campus. The students were likely expelled for violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination. The video, which was posted online, shows several people on a bus participating in a chant that included a racial slur, referenced lynching and indicated black students would never be admitted to OU’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The last sentence in that report should not be overlooked. The sentence states, “The Greek system is largely segregated.”

Could the segregation in college fraternities have something to do with racism within the fraternities?

The Christian Science Monitor has a story out about acts of racism committed by other college fraternities. has a story out about how black college athletes still encounter racism at college fraternities. columnist John Sutter asks, “Are frats ‘a form of American apartheid’?

Washington Post writer Terrence McCoy has a column in which he reports on the institutionalization of racism in college fraternities. writer Terrance F. Ross has a column titled “A Brief and Recent History of Bigotry at Fraternities“.

Apparently, “institutional racism” is the name of a problem in the collegiate Hellenic world that fraternities dared not speak … until now.

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Update: The above-cited story was updated after this post was written. Now, the story does not read as quoted.

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