New York Times Exonerated; Pigs Flying.

If you thought that pigs would fly before the New York Times would be exonerated, then watch your head, because the New York Times has been exonerated.

As it turns out, the newspaper did not crop the photo that it published of the memorial march in Selma, Alabama. Instead, the photo was cropped by its photographer before being sent to the NYT.

If you doubt the above report, then take a look at the following photo:
WSJ Selma Photo
The above photo doesn’t show President George W. Bush, who was also at the front of the march. So, who published the above photo? Answer: The Wall Street Journal.
Are we to deduce that the Wall Street Journal is biased against GWB because he doesn’t appear in the WSJ’s photo?

By the way, the photo published by the NYT has a story accompanying it, a story which says the following:

“Joining Mr. Obama on Saturday was former President George W. Bush … While sitting on stage, Mr. Bush made no remarks, but rose to his feet to applaud Mr. Obama, and the two man hugged afterward.”

When there are two sides to a story, fairness requires that both sides be heard before one draws a conclusion. Now, both sides of this particular story have been presented on this blog.

You may disagree that the New York Times has been exonerate, but at least you have been given both sides of the story.

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