Shameful Media Bias: ‘New York Times’ Crops George W. Bush Out of Selma Celebration Photo

The New York Times apparently loves history… except when it doesn’t comport to its liberal ideals. And so, in a Soviet-like act of revisionism, the so-called paper of record decided to crop an image of Sunday’s march in order to eliminate former President George W. Bush so its fans won’t realize that Bush attended the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Selma Civil Rights march.

Here is a screen cap of the Tweet The Times posted on Sunday:

Notice that on the left of the Times image the woman with the teal jacket is the last one shown.

Now check out the same march and nearly the same view as photographed and Tweeted by Alabama’s WSB TV:

You’ll notice that the former First Lady, Laura Bush, and President George W. Bush appear one person farther to the left of the woman in the teal jacket.

Here is a bigger shot for more clarity:

That’s right, the Times conveniently eliminated George W. Bush from its photo.

Now, the Soviet Union was famous for airbrushing out communist leaders who later fell into Stalin’s and the Politburo’s disfavor. As those leaders were assassinated, the Soviet Union’s “history” books suddenly began sporting photos that had empty spaces where those leaders once proudly stood. That is exactly what the NYT just did here. They altered history to better fit its party line.

What a shameful act of left-wing media bias and historical revisionism.

(H/T Right Scoop)

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