OPEN THREAD: Obama Is Giving Your Tax $$ to a Muslim Who Supports the Murder of Moderate Muslims

Consider this the weekend’s open thread, but first…

Obama’s Department of Justice just hired a Muslim Imam who has said that moderate Muslims deserve to be given the death penalty for daring to criticize Islam.

The DOJ has given several contracts worth tens of thousands of our tax dollars to Egyptian-born Imam Fouad ElBayly who has said that moderate Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserves to be murdered for her outspoken criticism of Islam.

It was April 2007 when ElBayly, the imam at the Islamic Center of Johnston, protested Ali’s scheduled appearance at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown.

Ali, a former Dutch parliamentarian who fled Somalia with her family at a young age, has been vocal in her critique of Islam, claiming that women suffer greatly under the religion.

Those comments have angered many, including ElBayly, who called Ali’s statements “poisonous.”

“If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death,” the imam told a local newspaper ahead of her university visit.

ElBayly, along with Mahmood Qazi, the Islamic Center of Johnstown’s founder and past president, pressed university officials to block Ali from speaking.

“I don’t want her to poison anyone’s mind,” Qazi said. “She doesn’t believe in God. How can she talk about God?”

So, Obama is giving tens of thousands of your tax dollars to a Muslim who is going around saying that anyone who isn’t a Muslim radical terror supporter should be murdered.

Are you surprised?

And I’ll leave you with a photo of some Muslim terrorists…

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