Media Bias: CNN Lies Saying GOP Wants to ‘End Health Care for Millions’

Everyday the media lies to America about what conservatives and the Republican Party want to do with their policy ideas and CNN just uncorked a doosie of a lie about Obamacare.

Above is a screen shot of what appeared on CNN on March 5, 2015.

At noon on Thursday CNN was caught lying claiming that the GOP-led efforts to defeat Obamacare will “end health care for millions.” This is nothing but a blatant, scurrilous lie.

First of all, even Obamacare isn’t even offering anyone any health care. It is offering insurance polices for health care, not health care itself.

Therefore, the end of Obamacare is not an end to health care at all. It is an end to subsidized or state-controlled insurance policies, not an end to health care.

So, for CNN to claim that the GOP’s efforts to end Obamacare will “end health care for millions” is simply a mischaracterization of what the center right wants to do. It is a flat out lie.

But CNN’s goal is not to inform the public about the news. It is to use rhetoric to shade the news to push a left-wing, anti-American agenda.

Thanks to the redoubtable Tim Graham of Newsbusters for posting this on his Twitter account and for finding this tidbit.

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