Liberal Media vs. Scott Walker

Liberal Press vs. Scott Walker

Scott Walker must be a real threat to the Democratic Party, because liberal members of the American media have begun playing the “Gotcha!” game when talking to Gov. Walker. In this game, the liberal media try to trick a person into saying something that would discredit the person.

Over at, Noah Rothman writes, “How do you know that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has taken at least temporary custody of frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016? Beyond, of course, the polls that show him rocketing to the front of the pack in critical early primary states like Iowa? The political press is coming down hard on him and his nascent campaign.”

So what “relevant” questions have liberal media been asking the Governor? Rothman writes, “When the Wisconsin governor was inexplicably asked by the Washington Post whether or not he believed that Barack Obama was a Christian, Walker stepped on a landmine when he answered, “I don’t know.”

Of course the folks at the Washington Post couldn’t ask Gov. Walker a question pertaining to national security or to domestic tranquility. If they had done so, then Walker might have given an answer that would make him look presidential.

So, instead, they asked him a irrelevant question about President Obama’s faith, as if they had never read the ending to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

[The ending of Article VI states, “… no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”]

It is no wonder that GOP leaders consider such a “Gotcha!” question to be silly. Rothman writes, “Conservatives who truly believe Obama is some sort of Manchurian candidate or a covert Muslim are deeply misguided, and not one single serious figure within the [Republican] party espouses those views. Most of those who do were effectively sidelined long ago.”

According to Socrates, the height of wisdom is to say, “I do not know.” However, that answer hasn’t worked well for Gov. Walker.

Over at the Daily Beast, Matt Lewis writes the following:

On Saturday, Dan Balz and Robert Costa of the Washington Post asked Walker if President Obama was a Christian… In case you were wondering, the correct answer was not “I don’t know.” The correct answer would have been, “Yes the President is a Christian. His policies are bad.”… A slightly less perfect answer (but still acceptable) might have been, “This is silly. Why are you asking me about someone else’s religion when we’ve got a huge national debt, Iran going nuclear, and ISIS running rampant in the Middle East?” quotes GOP donor Fred Malek as saying,“He [Walker] should have just said he takes the President at his word that he is a Christian and a patriot.”

Being that the “Gotcha!” game has already started, Gov. Walker has ample time to learn how to respond to the liberal media. Being that they have set their sights on him, Walker is bound to get in plenty of practice.

By the way, don’t expect Democrats to be on the receiving end of the “Gotcha!” game. John Fund quotes George Stephanopoulos as saying, ” There does seem to be a little bit of a double standard here. The Republicans tend to get asked these questions about their outliers more than Democrats are.” Fund goes on to write the following:

… the hallmark of real professionalism is to recognize that what’s “gotcha” for the conservative goose should be “gotcha” for the liberal gander. Treating both sides equally also makes for good drama, as anyone can tell if they watch White House press secretary Josh Earnest flail around trying to explain why Barack Obama’s 2008 remark that George W. Bush’s debt policies were “unpatriotic” were different from Giuliani’s recent comments.

C’mon, ladies and gentlemen of the press, the “gotcha” game is even more fun when there are two players, not just one.

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