Liberals Should Celebrate ISIS as Most Perfect Non-Profit Ever Begun

The left should be celebrating the ISIS terrorists as the perfect example of the sort of non-profit enterprise the virtues of which they constantly extol. In fact, led by the Obviator In Chief in Washington, since leftists are refusing to call ISIS what they are, maybe they are celebrating them after all?

Remember back in 2008 when Michelle Obama said that young people should not be so greedy as to get jobs in corporate America? Instead she instead America’s youngsters should find work at a non-profit. At a speech in Zanesville, Ohio, Michelle urged young people to make the choice “to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry,” and darn it if ISIS didn’t take up on her challenge.

President Obama even once called his job working for a company as “working for the enemy” because of all that icky money and profits.

But, what is more “non-profit” than joining a religious-based terror outfit whose job is to destroy everything with which it comes in contact, one that eschews profits, ignores economies, and thrives on a fully volunteer network of donors and operatives?

ISIS is, in fact, the perfect non-profit organization with ideas close to Michelle’s heart. ISIS has no interest at all in making money. It doesn’t sell a product, it isn’t interested in the stock market or corporations–or only in as much as they want to blow such organizations to smithereens. When it encounters companies it invades and confiscates all wares and monies in effect “nationalizing” that company’s operations–just like Michelle and Barack dream of the power to do.

These terror outfits also thrive on the voluntarism of young people. Young terrorist wannabes from all over the world are streaming to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS and other terror outfits and they are doing so with no expectation at all of making any money in the effort.

The terrorists are in it for the love of their religion and not for cash. New recruits often leave their loved ones and homes with little money or resources expecting to have everything provided by their new terrorist overlords. They are fully dedicated to the cause and don’t think of their own comforts at all.

These young recruits also think that they are helping the world to a brand new consciousness with their “religion of peace” even if they have to kill every last infidel to achieve their nirvana. There is no sense of selfish needs in their heads as they head off with their idealism leading them full speed ahead.

This all sounds very much like the sort of selflessness that both Barack and his wife Michelle have been touting for years.

Yes, ISIS–or ISIL, if you prefer–is the perfect embodiment of the selfless, all volunteer, non-profit force that the Obamas tout.

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