Chicago So Corrupt Even ‘Champion’ Little League Baseball Team Found Cheating

Barack Obama’s Chicago is the most corrupt city in all of America and the Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team has now cemented that status by having its championship season vacated and its championship trophies stripped.

If you aren’t aware of this story it has been roiling in Chicago since the inner city, all black little league team went all the way during last year’s Little League World Series ultimately beating the Las Vegas team for the championship.

When the South Side team won the championship last year they became the toast of the Windy City. They came home to a hero’s welcome with parades, big rallies, and meetings at City Hall. They even went to the White House to meet with the liar in chief, President Obama.

Even more amazing, the young team members themselves were given hundreds of thousands of dollars for their “future,” donated by grateful citizens who wanted to make sure these young African American children had a rich future.

But even as the team was making its way through a winning season there were rumblings that the adults who coached the team had cheated. Rumors began to circulate that the coaches had put ringers in their team and recruited kids who are outside the limited geographical area assigned to them by the governing body of American little league baseball.

Oh, Little League International tried as hard as they could to ignore the facts in the case, certainly. They were scared to death about being called “raaaaaacists” by imposing the rules.

At first, especially after they won the big game, the organization said that they did not find any violations of the residency rules. But now, after months of investigations and multiple complaints from many sources, Little League Baseball International has now taken firm action and disqualified Jackie Robinson West. The league ultimately just couldn’t ignore the corruption.

As ESPN reported:

“Quite honestly, we had to do this,” Little League International president and CEO Stephen D. Keener told ESPN on Wednesday. “We had no choice. We had to maintain the integrity of the Little League program. … As painful as this is, it’s a necessary outcome from what we finally have been able to confirm.

“The real troubling part of this is that we feel horribly for the kids who are involved with this. Certainly, no one should cast any blame, any aspersions on the children who participated on this team. To the best of our knowledge, they had no knowledge that they were doing anything wrong. They were just kids out playing baseball, which is the way it should be. They were celebrated for that by many, many organizations, many people. What we’re most concerned about today is that it’s going to be hard on these kids. And that’s the part that breaks your heart.”

With this decision the most corrupt city in the nation has now been forced to give its Little League crown to Las Vegas, a town famously built by the Mob!

Yes, Obama’s Chicago is so corrupt that even a city famously built by Organized Crime has been found to follow the rules better.

The shame of it al is that the name of famed baseball hero Jackie Robinson has to be shamed like this.

Finally, to show that this is about race, not about what is right, the so-called Reverend Jesse Jackson, race baiter extraordinary, is calling on the Las Vegas team to refuse to take the title so that the cheating Chicago team can keep it.

In fact, Jesse Jackson is doubling down on his support for the cheaters by holding a rally for them.

He is celebrating cheating merely because the kids are all black. Jackson is teaching these kids that cheating is OK if you’re black.


Naturally, the guy who blew the whistle on the liars with the ball team is now getting death threats.

Once again we see the liberals would rather support corruption than truth.

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