Muslims Think They Should Be Allowed to Ban ‘Others’ From Public Cemetery

Over the weekend the family of a Muslim man buried in a British cemetery demanded that a man of Gypsy descent be dug up and moved away after his burial near their loved one. The Muslims claimed that in their “religion of peace” it wasn’t permitted to have a Gypsy buried near a Muslim and so demanded the right to control who is allowed to be buried in a public, non-denominational cemetery.

The controversy arose in Lychgate Lane cemetery in the town of Brubage in central England after Shadrack Smith, a man of Romany Gypsy descent, was buried on Friday.

Smith’s family bought three plots in the cemetery but as soon as the Muslims found out they began demanding that the cemetery force the Gypsy family move to another section of the cemetery. The Smiths purposefully chose their plots, though, and refused to acquiesce to the move.

The cemetery is run by the Brubage city council which, for some idiotic reason, is taking responsibility for a “cock up.”

Chairman of the parish council, Councillor Richard Flemming told the media it was all the council’s fault.

Burbage Parish Council provides an award-winning cemetery for the benefit of the whole community. The cemetery is multi-faith and non-denominational, providing a number of interment and memorial options in a peaceful, serene, picturesque environment.

Unfortunately the parish council has recently received representation from two families regarding the allocation of adjacent grave plots within Burbage Cemetery.

The parish council is sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned and is committed to working with the relatives and the wider community to reach an amicable and acceptable solution.

Of course, the proper solution is to tell the Muslims that if they don’t want to have their loved ones buried in a public, non-denominational cemetery then they should move their dead relative and shut the hell up about it.

These arrogant Muslims should have no expectation that they should be allowed to control for everyone else what goes on in the cemetery.

This is yet another example of the arrogance, hate, and incivility of Islam. Worse, it is another example of a spineless western government wringing hands over antisocial Muslim intransigence.

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