Fake Watchdog Group, Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Ben Carson on ‘Extremist’ Watch List

The fake extremist watchdog group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has put Dr. Ben Carson, a leading Republican and possible GOP candidate for President, on its “extremist” watch list.

Imagine, adding a mainstream conservative on an “extremist” watch list!

The SPLC has peddled itself as the leading tracker of those groups and individuals in this country who are “extremists.” The SPLC is used by the press to identify hate groups like the KKK, Nazis, neo-Confederates, Black Panthers, anti-Jew groups and other traditional haters.

But this group is also extremely political in many of its choices never adding liberal groups to the list even as it includes conservatives and Christians who hold entirely mainstream, Christian ideals. (I have written about these liars before)

But worse than the fact that it is a left-wing group that pays fealty to the Democrats, the liberal media pretends that the SPLC is just an average, run-of-the-mill, un-biased watchdog group.

In fact, the media swallows the SPLC’s BS lists as fact despite that doing so violates one of the media’s supposed operating principles: that of having two sources for everything.

You see, the SPLC creates its faux lists merely on its own say-so without any corroboration at all and the media swallows their lists as fact without bothering to double check any of the results disgorged from the SPLC. The media just mindlessly reports the SPLC’s nonsense as “truth.”

The SPLC is itself an extremist group that pushes a left-wing ideology disguised as the word of a “watchdog” of hate groups.

The SPLC is an illegitimate organization that should be viewed as a biased, extremist group itself.

But, what can you say? These people, the SPLC and the media alike, hate, hate, hate successful black men… especially when they are conservatives.

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