Paying taxes is for Republicans.

Al Sharpton - GOOJF

Business reporter Elizabeth MacDonald has written a column in which she names people who were prosecuted by the U.S. government for failing to pay taxes.

MacDonald writes, “It’s an open secret in Washington, DC and among IRS revenue agents and auditors that the IRS’s decentralized operation often results in disparate treatment of taxpayers.”

So, while the U.S. government doesn’t go after Al Sharpton for failing to pay taxes, it did go after Doug Pielsticker, the former CEO of Arrow Trucking. A news report about his prosecution states, “Prosecutors said Pielsticker and his co-conspirator failed to pay the government the federal income taxes withheld from Arrow’s employees in 2009.”

Of course, Al Sharpton must be exempt from prosecution because … because …

You tell me why.

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