OPEN THREAD: University Proposes ‘Queering’ Our Food

Here is the weekend’s open thread, but first…

The University of Californian, Berkeley (where else?) has now launched a program to turn our food transgendered, or faggotized, qeeuracized, gay-a-matized or what ever they are calling it this week.

Why “queer” our agriculture? Because our schools are a laughingstock and have devolved to utter foolishness.

Here is how they introduced the program:

So why queer agriculture? This seems like an odd question but becomes more obvious with research and analysis. This talk highlights vital ways queering and trans-ing ideas and practices of agriculture are necessary for more sustainable, sovereign, and equitable food systems for the creatures and systems involved in systemic reproductions that feed humans and other creatures. Since agriculture is literally the backbone of economics, politics, and “civilized” life as we know it, and the manipulation of reproduction and sexuality are a foundation of agriculture, it is absolutely crucial queer and transgender studies begin to deal more seriously with the subject of agriculture.


This is an even more idiotic excerpt from another program at Rutgers that shows the utter fraud that is “education” in America….

Theorizing “impressibility” as a nineteenth-century keyword linking race and sexuality, the talk explores how scientists, reformers, and writers alike saw themselves as working in concert with a neurobiological substrate that they conceived of as, in its ideal form, fluid, malleable, and forever in dynamic exchange with surrounding bodies, objects, and forces. . . . The talk’s investigation of the pre-determinist materiality of the body provides an important perspective on the biopolitics of affect and the stakes of feminist materialisms.

This is simply a fraud. Fake. Garbage. And it is proof that our system of miseducation needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

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