As Islamists Murder People All Across the World, the Commie Pope Attacks America

As Islamists cut off people’s heads while they are still alive, as they burn people alive, as they murder women, gays, people of “errant” religious beliefs, and commit every manner of atrocity, the Commie Pope in Rome is finally speaking up to condemn the “inhuman conditions” perpetrated by…. the United States of America.

That’s right, folks, as Islamists go on a terror–literally– everywhere in the world–again, literally–Pope Francis, the “Commie Pope,” has words of condemnation for the USA. Apparently he isn’t that upset at the Islamists, but is really sick and tired of America’s crazy idea that it should be allowed to decide for itself who should be allowed into its country and to prevent those it feels undesirable from entering.

The Commie Pope is attacking the USA claiming that it is murdering those poor illegals who make the bold and foolish attempt to break the law and illegally enter the US through the various long, arid, dangerous desert regions on the southern border.

The Commie Pope called the condition on the southern border “inhuman.” Yes, this “man of God” just called the deserts God created “inhuman.”

Francis went on to complain that the US hasn’t thrown open its borders, destroyed its national sovereignty, and decided to allow anyone and everyone to come flooding into the nation.

As the AP noted, “Francis made the appeal in a letter to a Jesuit priest who helps organize Catholic teens in Nogales, Arizona, to support the Kino Border Initiative, which advocates a more humane solution to migration.”

Apparently, America’s refusal to give away the store to the flotsam and jetsam of the world is worse than Islamist murderers.

Every day that passes, Francis proves himself to be a disaster for Catholics in particular, and the world in general.

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