Open Thread – Why “American Sniper” highlights the failures of leftists

Before discussing, I’d like WizBangers to read these two articles. The first, by Matt Tiabbi of Rolling Stone, nicely encapsulates the snit-fit liberals are having over the film American Sniper. It can easily been summarized something like this: For the last twelve years we’ve been explaining over and over again how Iraq was an evil Bush/Cheney/Oil/WMD conspiracy that destroyed the Middle East. BUT YOU STUPID RED STATE F*CKS AREN’T LISTENING!!!

American Sniper Is Almost Too Dumb To Criticize

The second is a nice rebuttal to the rants of Tiabbi and other outraged liberals by blogger/essayist Daniel Greenfield, a/k/a “Sultan Knish.” Greenfield makes a simple suggestion as to why Hollywood has gone bonkers over this film: “Hollywood tried to ‘Vietnamize’ Iraq in the popular imagination. American Sniper shows they failed.”

The Hollywood Jihad Against American Sniper

So the question I’d like to ask is this: Despite a handful of victories (primarily illustrated by Democrat electoral gains in 2006 and 2008) why have the Left’s efforts to inject its narrative of Vietnam (incompetence, corruption, conspiracy, dishonesty, atrocity) into the Iraq war failed so badly? The success of films like Unbroken and American Sniper shows that the American public still views Iraq through the lens of WWII (greater good vs. clearly defined evil) and embraces stories of individual courage and determination.

Talk amongst yourselves …

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