Illegals Don’t Want to be Americans, So Keep Them Out

One of the things that the far left always says to excuse lawbreaking illegal immigrants is that they just want to be “like Americans” and attain the American dream just like immigrants to the US always have. This, however, is a lie. Many immigrants no longer have any desire to become Americans and just want our money so they can send it back home.

The old American dream was the promise that a “foreigner” could immigrant to the US, become a citizen, get a job, save their money, and make a life for them and more especially for their children.

For many of these people it was a special mark of pride to learn English and then learn enough about American history and its system of government to pass the citizenship test in order to become an official naturalized American.

This is what Democrats are invoking when they try to excuse lawbreaking illegals today. They claim that immigrants today are exactly the same as those of all our yesteryears.

But even the former president of Mexico is here to disabuse Democrats of this lie.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently told International Business Times that the only reason many illegals stay in the US is because they fear it’ll be too hard to return if they go back to their country of origin. But they don’t really want to be here.

“I don’t believe that most of the Mexican workers looking for a job in the United States are wanting to be American citizens,” Calderon said. “They are looking for an opportunity to get economic benefits and actually thinking when they are leaving [Mexico] what will be the way in which they can go back to their own home.”

This is all the more reason to prevent them from coming here in the first place and to kick them out if we find them at any time no matter if they have children or other relatives here or not.

Unlike worthy immigrants from America’s past who worked hard and were proud to become Americans, these people do not want to be Americans. They only want to steal our jobs, abscond with our money, use our benefits, and then thumb their noses at our country by staying true to the backwards countries from whence they come.

And yet we get fools like Jeb Bush pushing hard to give amnesty to illegals!

The idiotic Bush proved his gullibility only a day ago when he attacked conservatives and those who attended and spoke at the Iowa Freedom Summit saying, “Historically, the unwritten contract has been: Come legally to this country, embrace our values, learn English, work, and you can be as American as anybody else. Immigrants are an engine of economic vitality.

Bush is regurgitating the left’s lie that these people want to become Americans and emulate past waves of immigrants.

These left-wing, open border operatives need to be defeated. A Jeb Bush, a Chris Christie, or a Mitt Romney are no different than any Democrat with their disastrous immigration policy prescriptions. In fact, they are down right dangerous and un-American.

America only works and grows when all those living here are pulling in the same direction, a direction that is intended to make the country better. But when millions come here who are not interested in being part of our society but only want to drain it of resources to be sent to other countries it damages us all. This damage is what Democrats the Bushes, Romneys and Christies wish to facilitate. Their plan is to damage the USA with these millions of lawbreakers. Are we going to stand idly by and let them?

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